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Pre Turnover Positioning


By mid March winter has long overstayed its welcome and we are itching to get back on the water.  Cabin fever is at a peak and the “shack nasties” as I have heard them so eloquently put are almost intolerable.  Fueled by this pent up excitement we often choose the wrong zone or area of the lake to fish when our first opportunity on the water arrives.


During the course of the winter ice capped waters have under gone a distinct stratification.  A cooler band of water now sits beneath the ice while a warmer band of water lies 8 to 10 feet below.  The water below warmed by a winter’s worth of decaying weeds is often oxygen poor as a result of this decomposition process, drives trout into the shallows seeking the sanctuary of cooler oxygenated water.  Immediately after ice out on many of the smaller lakes trout are trapped in this band of water until spring turnover recharges the oxygen levels and sets them free. 


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