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Despite the protests of some strike indicators are a key component within many fly fishers kit bags or vests.  During the early season pre turnover fishery when trout are trapped in shallow water due to winter stratification strike indicators are critical to success.  There are many types of indicators to choose from but the favorite of most remains the corkie. Slid onto the leader before the pattern is tied on and held in place with either a toothpick or rubber band corkies provide an instant cue when a trout has sucked in their fly.  Strike indicators come in a wide assortment of colors.  For stillwater situations select bi-colored indicators such as hot orange and chartreuse/yellow. 

Bi-colored indicators allow anglers to chose a facing color that is the most visible for the conditions.  The most important feature bi colored indicators offer is pre warning of an impending tangle.  If the orange side of the indicator is set up to face the angler and upon completion of the cast the yellow/chartreuse side stares back strip in and check for early signs of a tangle.  Ignore this indication and be prepared for frustrating tangles and excessive tippet consumption.

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