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Hook:             Daiichi 2220 #4-#8
Thread:          MFC 6/0 or UTC 70 Olive
Under Body:   Foam Body, 7/8ths Slim, Black
Body:              Arizona Simi Seal, Peacock and Peacock Crystal Chenille
                       Spun Together in a Dubbing Loop
Wingcase:      Dark Brown Raffia
Thorax:          Olive Deer Hair, Spun and Clipped
Legs:              Sili Legs, Yellow/Gold/Black
Eyes:              Booby Foam, 4mm, Black
Head:             Arizona Simi Seal, Peacock

Tying Note: Use lighter colored versions for clear water lakes.

All dragon fly nymphs have the ability to absorb water and eject it in afterburner type fashion out of their posterior. Of all the families nymphs from the Aeshnidae tribe are noted for this trait. After years of aquarium study it became apparent that in reality these Darner nymphs prefer to stalk and ambush their prey in the same manner as a cat.  If the prey is quick and elusive such as a water boatman, only at the last second do they jet the final distance for the kill. It became obvious that in order to be successful I needed to develop a buoyant pattern that would linger above the weeds and rubble suggesting a Darner nymph on the prowl.

With the key component of buoyancy in mind I began constructing prototypes incorporating a foam under body, spun deer hair thorax and foam eyes. The latter ingredient borrowed from an interesting English pattern christened the Booby. Add a dubbed body consisting of Arizona Simi Seal Peacock Dubbing spun together with peacock Crystal Chenille and matching Sili Legs for realism and the Draggin wars born.

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