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Rabbit Damsel


Hook:         Mustad R 74-9672 #8-#14
Thread:      8/0 Olive or Light Olive
Tail:           Tuft of Rabbit Fur from a Zonker or Cross Cut Strip
Rib:            3-4 Strands of Chartreuse Angel Hair
Body:         Mallard Flank, Dyed
Wingcase:  Stretch Flex, Olive
Thorax:      Mallard Flank, Dyed
Legs:         Mallard Flank, Dyed Mixed with a Few Strands of 
                 Chartreuse Angel Hair 
Eyes:         Mono Eyes, Olive
Head:        Rabbit Fur or Ice Dub, Color to Compliment

Tying Note:  Use a permanent marker to darken the eyes if necessary.  Vary the body color to match the natural nymphs.

Amongst many stillwater fly fishers damsel nymph patterns are the starting point to a day’s fly-fishing. Damselflies are perhaps the one insect associated with stillwater fly-fishing. The keys to any successful fraud are a slender profile, the head and eyes are the widest feature, and animated materials such as marabou or rabbit fur to suggest the sinusoidal motion of the natural nymphs. A certain times their laborious method of propulsion becomes the primary trigger for trout and consistent success can be almost impossible.

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