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Pre Season Primer


During the early season trout are often concentrated in the shallows.
The gentle swirl of a foraging Blackwater, the bow wave of a late fall trout chasing scuds in the near shore shallows or the firm grab and headshake of a large Kamloops rainbow.  These are some of the numerous memories entrenched in the minds of stillwater fly fishers everywhere.  Gathered from a myriad of experiences these visions are stored in a special cache, ready to access in a moments notice when the everyday stresses squeeze us a little more than we would prefer.


As the season wanes and winter slips her icy grip around the lakes of the south central interior it is these memories that help ease the pain of another passing season.  But when winter is at her darkest and coldest these recollections begin to work against us.  Weakened under the relentless barrage of cold, rain and snow we all slip into the clutches of that magical illness, cabin fever.  Left uncontrolled it consumes all, making the remaining winter one of shear agony.  But the stillwater fly fisher can fight cabin fever by turning this negative energy into something positive by beginning their preparations for the upcoming season.  Those who are primed and ready will be amongst the first on the water as the first lakes of season become ice-free and we are released once again to add to our mind’s eye.


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