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Wind: Friend or Foe?

To the uninitiated stillwater flyfisher, an unfamiliar wind is perceived as a natural enemy. Granted, strong wind is unwelcome even unsafe but in most circumstances wind is an appreciated visitor to the seasoned stillwater angler. As with trout in rivers and streams stillwater trout need cover and wind is a key form of protection. The rippled surface of a wind or breeze swept lake diffuses light and masks a trout’s presence providing just the level of comfort to induce active foraging. Whenever wind scatters ripples across the surface seek out textured areas for the best chance of success. Position the boat, pontoon boat or float tube upwind. Using a floating line quarter a cast and allow the ambient wind to sweep the fly "downstream" in a gentle bow. This wind-drifting tactic is a deadly method for covering likely water with chironomids, caddis larvae, scuds even leeches. In most instances no retrieve is necessary, just hang on and wait for the grab.

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