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Fly Patterns for Stillwaters


Seasoned stillwater fly fishers use patterns specfiically designed for lakes.
Scouring the bins of many fly shops finding a selection of proven stillwater fly patterns often requires detective work.  Fly-fishing has its roots firmly entrenched in rivers and streams so it stands to reason that fly bins reflect this trend.  But every year sees more anglers seduced by the charms of lakes.  One thing is certain fly fishers are on the prowl for productive stillwater patterns.


For the fly tyer there are few places to turn, as most stillwater patterns are river and stream hybrids or transfers.  Hare’s Ear nymphs, Wooly Buggers are excellent starting points but the serious stillwater angler has to put the river and stream box on the shelf.  The time has come for stocking fly boxes with patterns focused upon stillwater food sources.  This desire became such an obsession it lead to the creation of my book, Fly Patterns for Stillwaters.


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