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Pontoon Boat Control

I love my Outcast Pac 9000. It collapses into a compact package that I can easily slide into the bed of my pickup. For small stillwaters it is the prefect blend of function and comfort.

Most pontoon boats come with a rear anchor system which is essential to controlled stillwater presentations. Whether a pontoon boat, float tube or boat line control during the retrieve is critical. At times rear anchored pontoon boats spin and sway around the rear anchor, challenging your presentation control and patience.

Adding a second anchor cleat to the front frame of your pontoon boat provides a simple cure to annoying spin and sway. Scotty’s rail mount brackets fit most pontoon boat frames perfectly, allowing the easily installation of their removable Anchor Locks creating an easy to install efficient front anchor system. On my Pac 9000 I placed a rail mount bracket on the left frame rail, just before the right angle turn for the foot peg. As a right handed caster this placement keeps my fly line away from the anchor cleat. This cleat placement also allows for easy deployment. I still have full use of the foot peg as well.

The anchor does not have to be heavy, depending on your weight and conditions five pounds is ample in most instances. Its sole purpose is sway removal. Once the rear anchor is set simply lower the front anchor and say good bye spin and sway. Your frustration level diminishes as your presentation control and enjoyment on the water increases exponentially!

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