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Fly Lines for Pacific Salmon


Every autumn millions of migrating Pacific Salmon return to mate, spawn and die.  fly fishers located within easy reach of coastal shore lines or salmon bearing rivers are fortunate to have many opportunities for all five species of Pacific Salmon.  2009 was a pink year and as with any other odd numbered year in southern B.C. hundreds of thousands of 5 to 8 pound Pink Salmon come home.  In the northern reaches of British Columbia even numbered years produce the best returns.  Pink Salmon are an excellent fish to introduce a friend or children to fly-fishing.  Aggressive to the fly, easy on the fly box-anything pink should work- and plentiful, Pink Salmon supply the neophyte almost instant success.  Hopefully turning them into fisherman for life. 


As the pink run fades and the first rains of fall begin coho return to their natal streams.  As with pink salmon, coho are another excellent fly rod fish.  My favorite coho spots include slow moving rivers and backwater areas of the Fraser River.  In the “frog water” coho prefer they are wary and cautious.  With the proximity to Vancouver coho are subject to intense angler pressure from both traditional gear anglers and fly fishers.  It is under these conditions that clear intermediate and hover lines perform.  These lines allow optimum presentation and stealth providing the fly fisher the best odds of success.  Try using Streamer Tip Clear lines.  You can use the visual clue of the floating running line to mend and control drift while watching for takes.  The retarded sink rates of these lines keep the fly at the right depth without the risk of hang-ups and subsequent fly loss.

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