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Confidence, clear and simple!


It’s not presentation, pattern or luck that makes a good fly fisher.  Granted all of these characteristics and more is a definite asset.  Angler confidence is the one key that brings it all together.  On the water fly fishers must believe it is a matter of “When am I going fish not I hope I catch a fish!”  Good friend and fly fishing guide Gord Honey calls it P.F.A., positive fishing attitude.  It is not a matter of being cocky to the point of being offensive but rather a sense of calm and inner confidence.  Confident anglers believe in the approach they are using and the patterns they choose.  The moment doubt or indecision creeps in a change is made in presentation method, retrieve or fly pattern.  Changes are made with confidence not panic.  When it comes to pattern changes confident anglers mix up the retrieve before changing the pattern.  Too many patterns have been created to make fly choice the critical element.  More often or not when fishing is tough it is the confident fly fisher that comes out on top.

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