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Hitchhikers Guide to Chironomids Part II


Manitoba's Parkland tiger trout love chironomids.
The mere mention of chironomids leaves many questioning the rationale of such an offering.  After all, the thought of tossing a tiny stick of a pattern into the vast expanse of a lake borders on the insane.  The belief that trout would be able to track down such an offering poses the ultimate paradox.  Thankfully reality is far different than perception when it comes to chironomids, pupa and larva in particular.  Trout are more than capable of tracking down this calorie rich food source, often in alarming numbers.


Once on the lake and anchored into position the angler must choose their presentation technique based upon the conditions at hand while answering the challenge of what pattern to choose.  Once these questions are addressed the rest is gravy, well almost.


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