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Guest Writers
Organizing Your Materials-Part 2

By Craig Jordan

Hook Storage & Organization

First, a few words about hook storage, so many flies to tie and so little time or is that so many hooks and not the one I need? If you are like me, you will have as many hook styles and sizes to answer any desired need for tying any particular fly in your repertoire. I found a great little product called the C&F designs hook pallet that I think is the best way to keep my hooks organized.

18 Compartment C & F designs hook pallets do come in larger compartment sizes trading off the number of compartments. I like the 18 compartment boxes because with an X-Acto knife or razor blade I can cut the foam separators to make my own custom size.

C & F hook pallets also are designed to fit in a VCR box. This works nicely for groups of 2 pallets per box with a rubber band. I organize each compartment with 25 hooks. Five of these 18 compartment boxes will hold over 2250 hooks in the space of 3 VCR tapes. If you are like me space is premium. Also another nice feature of these pallets is that the floor of the box is magnetic so that your hooks stay in place. My only complaint with these hook pallets is that the lids do not stay tightly closed. I suggest a 1/4" to 1/2" rubber band to keep your hooks safely enclosed, as the magnetic material isn't enough if the pallet hits the floor. With the rubber band these soft plastic pallets can be abused without your hooks drifting from one compartment to another.

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