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Quick Release Indicators

One of my preferred tactics when hunting large wary trout is the use of a slow almost painful retrieve.  Duping challenging fish is one the most rewarding tests in fly fishing.  There are times however when even a creeping slug paced retrieve is too fast.  As fly fishing colleague Robert Clarke would say, ďA catatonic approach is order.Ē 

With the popularity of strike indicators the catatonic philosophy is now possible but what is a fly fisher to do when faced with situations that require 12 feet or more between the indicator and the fly?  In the past toothpicks have been the most popular method of pegging the depth.  However, once the euphoria of the strike subsides the issue soon becomes how do I land my prize?  It soon becomes apparent that the indicator now becomes the problem.  Anglers risk loosing the fish by having to grab the line during the battle and using their teeth to remove the toothpick so the indicator slid free for the balance of the fight. 

With the advent of the Quick Release Indicator this issue is a concern of the past.  The Quick Release indicator uses a concept so simple itís puzzling.  Consisting of an over sized peg that the leader is fed through the Quick Release Indicator allows a fly fisher to indicator fish deeper waters with confidence.  The concept is simple, thread the indicator and peg and then push the leader against itself to create a loop.  Once the loop has formed pinch the loop between the indicator peg and indicator.  When the strike comes lift the rod and the tension between the angler and fish releases the loop and the indicator is free to slide.  The intricate ballet removing a tooth pick and the subsequent risk of losing the trout of the trip is gone

How to Attach a Quick Release Indicator

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