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Stillwater Kit Bag
Fly fishers have no control over environmental variables such as water temperature, barometric pressure and wind. Equipment on the other hand is controllable. From personal experience focusing on what can be controlled better prepares an angler for what cannot.
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Stillwater Droppers
So why would a fly fisher wish to turn a simple, efficient one fly system into multi fly potentially tippet consuming nightmare anyway? The reasons are numerous, providing advantages that work wonders for versatile stillwater fly anglers
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Tying and Fishing Chironomid Larva
In most of North America they known as midges, in the United Kingdom they are buzzers but in Western Canada we usually call them Chironomids. There are over 3,500 known species of chironomids. They are the number one item on the menu of trout in productive stillwaters.
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Fly Patterns for Stillwaters
Scouring the bins of many fly shops finding a selection of proven stillwater fly patterns often requires detective work. Fly-fishing has its roots firmly entrenched in rivers and streams so it stands to reason that fly bins reflect this trend. But every year sees more anglers seduced by the charms of lakes. One thing is certain fly fishers are on the prowl for productive stillwater patterns.
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Tying and Fishing Fire Breathing Dragons
It was as though a great battle had taken place. Vacant homes of cased caddis were strewn about the bottom of my 30-gallon aquarium. Severed scuds lay scattered amongst the carnage. Nothing moved.
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Pre Season Primer
As the season wanes and winter slips her icy grip around the lakes of the south central interior it is these memories that help ease the pain of another passing season.
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Hitchhikers Guide to Chironomids Part II
The mere mention of chironomids leaves many questioning the rationale of such an offering. After all, the thought of tossing a tiny stick of a pattern into the vast expanse of a lake borders on the insane.
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Hitchhikers Guide to Chironomids Part 1
Chironomids are arguably the most important food source for stillwater trout and char throughout the open water season. As with all food sources success for the fly fisher depends upon an intimate knowledge of their life cycle.
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Basic Nymphing
The solution is simple, if the trout wonít come up to eat, go down and get them by bouncing nymphs on or near the bottom.
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Worth Their Weight
Itís early July and for many lower mainland fly fishers it is time to exorcise the dry fly demons that have accumulated since this time last season.
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Early Season Fly Strategies
Itís always darkest before the dawn, at least thatís the way it seems as a new stillwater season approaches.
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Don't Forget the Little Guys
It was bound to happen sooner or later and it did, lack of attention to my fly box finally caught up with me earlier this spring.
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